Meta Code Llama
Meta Code Llama
Code Llama

Nobody is waiting for a single moment to launch new things regarding AI, so why BIG companies like Meta will stop? They recently launched their new tool named Code Llama, specially for coders.

Meta has confirmed the launch of Code Llama, an AI tool that is going to make a difference in coders’ lives. This will also help the people who are learning coding now.

But what is this tool? How to use it? What is the benefit of it? – I will discuss this in detail below.

What is Code Llama

This is a newly launched AI tool by Meta, which can understand the text-based input from the user and can generate code according to the text. This is an advanced coding model taken from Llama 2.

It mainly generates code and related text from prompts and assists in code completion and debugging.

Code Llama is like a new smart tool for coding. It learned a lot about code and now it can help you write code and understand it better. It works with many programming languages like Python, Java, C++, and more.

This tool has been developed to help people who are learning code or are already a professional in that. This tool will help the professionals to increase their workflow and the people who are learning code, they can easily find the code they need by just describing it.

How To Use Code Llama

This is not an open tool like ChatGPT which you can access by visiting a website. To access Code Llama you have to download the model of it or you can also use the GitHub repository of it.

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To download the model just go here, and provide all the needed information such as First Name, Last Name, Email, Country, and your organization name.

You can also find the research paper which will give you much more idea about this Meta AI tool.

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