The Future of News (AI and Technology's Role in Media Credibility)

In a recent interview, Ali Hassan, the head of Egypt’s Middle East News Agency (MENA), shared his insights on the evolving role of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in journalism.

This discussion comes in the wake of the 5th World Media Summit held in China, which brought together over 450 representatives from various media, think tanks, and international organizations.

The Future of News (AI and Technology's Role in Media Credibility)

Enhancing Journalism with Technology: Hassan emphasized that modern technologies and AI should be used to improve the reliability of journalism, not undermine it. The goal is to ensure that news remains based on truthful and verified information.

World Media Summit Highlights: The summit, themed “Boosting Global Confidence, Promoting Media Development,” focused on the credibility of media coverage.

It explored how new technologies and AI can be used to enhance news agency performance.

Discussion Topics: The summit delved into various global issues like poverty, food security, industrialization, and climate change. It highlighted the media’s role in addressing these challenges by publishing expert research and opinions.

Global Media Cooperation: There was a strong emphasis on increasing cooperation among media outlets worldwide to provide reliable and verified news.

Objectivity and Fairness: The summit also stressed the importance of maintaining objectivity and fairness in reporting, with a note on the perceived bias of Western news agencies towards U.S. policies.

The 5th World Media Summit marks a notable step in acknowledging and addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by modern technologies and AI in journalism.

The focus remains on using these advancements to bolster the credibility and reliability of news, ensuring that journalism continues to serve its vital role in society effectively.

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