ChatGPT's New Competitor in The Market ERNIE
ChatGPT's New Competitor in The Market ERNIE
ChatGPT’s New Competitor in The Market ERNIE

China’s most used search engine Baidu has launched a new AI chatbot called “Ernie” like ChatGPT to provide their own country users the same as ChaGPT with better features like image generation.

Key Points:

  • Baidu launched their new AI Chatbot that can generate text-based answers as well as images.
  • People are calling it ChatGPT but with more features.

The AI industry is filled with new AI tools, bots, and many more. This AI field got a huge upside when the chatbot (ChatGPT) from OpenAI was released online.

Many big and new companies are making this industry more competitive with their advanced tools, features, and bots.

Now there is a new AI Chatbot launched by Baidu in China which can provide the users the answers to their questions and prompts. The impressive news is this chatbot can generate images also from the provided prompt or text.

So now like other AI image generators, you can generate images from the search engine (Baidu). This is a great feature for the people of China and this tool can be a serious competition for OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Ernie Ai Chatbot has gotten a warm welcome from the government of China means they have approved this AI tool.

You may have a question about how to access Ernie, Right?

This chatbot is available on their own authorized websites as well as many other APP stores online. The most interesting thing is this tool has gotten a huge response from the people of China.

This has been one of the most downloaded apps online in China in the free app category. So now we have to wait for some days to see how this tool works and how people can get the most benefit out of it.

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