How To Generate Images With BlueWillow AI
How To Generate Images With BlueWillow AI
How To Generate Images With BlueWillow AI

Remember months ago, when people were enjoying the free Midjourney to generate images as their imagination using a bot in Discord?

Now that is not possible for free because this AI image generator has premium plans now and doesn’t offer any free image generation.

So what to do now? No worries I have found a free AI image generator same as like Midjourney which also has its discord bot and with that, you can generate images.

The process is the same but below I will discuss how you can implement this on your own server and use it to generate images free of cost.

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This is a free AI tool that can generate images from your text-based prompts. This works with a discord bot which can be used in your own server as well.

You can convert your imagination into artwork with this AI image generator tool for free of cost. This text-to-image generator can be used easily but for that, you have to follow some steps which I will show you below.

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How To Use BlueWillow

There is nothing more technical when starting to use this tool, there are some simple steps to add on their own server and then create images or you can also add this bot on your own server and generate images personally, so nobody can find them.

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Here are the steps you need to follow to access BlueWillow,

  • Head to their website and click on Try now for free button in the middle or top right corner
  • A place will appear to input your email address and name
  • Put that information and click on the next
  • Then you will be redirected to the discord invite link, so click on the Accept Invite button
  • Now you have been added to their own server. Now find the “Rookie” channel from the left and click on that
  • Now you can see many people using this bot to generate images and you can also generate images with AI for free.

But if you generate images on their server then every single people who are on the same server can see the image you have generated.

If you want the people not to see your generated images? – Then you need to follow the steps below,

  • Click on the bot situated at the top right of the server
  • Then a pop-up will open and there will be an option called add to server, click on that, select the server where you need to get this bot
  • Now click continue and you are ready to generate unlimited images with AI.

Here is a visual representation of how you can add the BlueWillow AI bot to your own server,

How To add BlueWillow ai into your own server
How To add BlueWillow AI to your own server

If you face any problems while doing the steps make sure to contact me and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

How To Generate Image With BlueWillow

After getting into their own server after adding the bot to your server you just need to put an “/” in the keyboard and you will see a “/Imagine” option there, Click on that and then write your own imagination.

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After some seconds there will be four images generated at once for you based on your text. You can select one and then can download that to your device.


Is BlueWillow Free To Use?

Yes, this is a free tool or bot to generate images for free with AI.

Can I Use BlueWillow Images Commercially?

Yes, you can use the generated image from BlueWillow commercially.

How do you use BlueWillow AI on Discord?

Go to their official website click on try now for free, fill in the information they need, get the discord server invite link, join the server, head to the rookie channel, and generate images from your imagination.

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