Yotta-Nvidia Partnership To Transform India AI Landscape

Yotta Data Services has announced a collaboration with Nvidia, a leading chip maker, to deliver advanced GPU computing infrastructure and platforms for its Shakti Cloud platform.

This partnership aims to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in India, bringing state-of-the-art AI capabilities within reach of various organizations, businesses, AI researchers, and startups across the country.

The collaboration between Yotta and Nvidia is set to advance AI development in India significantly.

Yotta customers will now be able to train large language models (LLMs) and other AI workloads, serving the growing needs of Indian, Asian, and broader global markets.

This initiative is expected to transform industries across India, driving growth, efficiency, and excellence.

Yotta’s Commitment and Nvidia’s Technology

Yotta aims to accelerate innovation in India by leveraging the power of Nvidia GPUs as a service.

Darshan Hiranandani, Co-founder and chairman of Yotta, and Sunil Gupta, Co-founder & CEO of Yotta, emphasized this collaborative work as a significant milestone in their journey.

Yotta has placed a large order for Nvidia H100 Tensor Core GPUs, a powerful GPU for AI and HPC workloads, and plans to operationalize 4096 GPUs by January 2024 and 16,384 GPUs by June 2024.

The company also plans to scale up its GPU stable to 32,768 by the end of 2025.

Shakti Cloud AI Platform

Yotta’s Shakti Cloud AI platform will include various Platform as a Service (PaaS) services from day one, including foundational AI models and applications.

These services will help Indian enterprises create powerful AI tools and products, fostering innovation across industries.

Jay Puri, executive vice president of Worldwide Field Operations at Nvidia, highlighted that the collaboration with Yotta will open up access to specialized infrastructure that makes AI possible at scale.

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This partnership is expected to bring GPU capabilities to customers in India, accelerating advancements in AI.

This collaboration comes at a time of phenomenal growth in India’s AI adoption efforts. The country is becoming a hub for research, online gaming, and digital content creation.

AI adoption in India is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 20% to reach $14 billion by 2030.

The Indian gaming industry is also expected to grow to reach $5 billion by 2025. These industries rely heavily on GPU computing to meet customer demands.

The partnership between Yotta Data Services and Nvidia represents a significant step forward in AI development and adoption in India, promising to accelerate innovation and transform various industries.

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