WhatsApp Coming With AI Chatbot Feature

WhatsApp is enhancing its platform by implementing AI technology to improve user experience. Recently, they’ve been experimenting with AI-generated stickers, and now they’ve introduced an AI chatbot feature, which is currently in beta testing.

This new feature was announced at Meta Connect 2023.

WhatsApp Coming With AI Chatbot Feature

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WhatsApp’s AI Chatbot Feature

In the latest WhatsApp update (version, available through the Google Play Beta Program, a new shortcut has been added in the Chats tab.

This shortcut, located above the new chat icon, allows users to easily access AI-powered chats without scrolling through their contact list.

This feature aims to streamline user interaction with AI-assisted conversations within the app. Currently, it’s available to a select group of beta testers, with plans for a wider rollout soon.

WhatsApp is developing other beta features, such as a secret code to access locked chats and a separate profile option for distinguishing between work and personal communications.

These upcoming updates are expected to enhance WhatsApp’s versatility and user-friendliness.

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