Nabla Secures $24 Million for AI Assistant Aimed at Assisting Doctors

Nabla, a Paris-based startup, has recently raised $24 million in a Series B funding round. This significant investment, led by Cathay Innovation and with participation from ZEBOX Ventures, is aimed at further developing Nabla’s AI copilot for doctors.

This funding comes on the heels of Nabla’s partnership with Permanente Medical Group, a division of the U.S. healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente.

Nabla’s AI Copilot for Doctors

Nabla’s AI copilot is designed to be a silent work partner for medical professionals. It sits in the corner of the room during consultations, taking notes and writing medical reports.

This tool is especially useful during patient consultations, where it can transcribe conversations and generate thorough medical reports in minutes, including summaries, prescriptions, and follow-up appointment letters.

Technology Behind Nabla

Nabla uses advanced speech-to-text technology to convert conversations into written transcripts, which are then processed by a large language model refined with medical data. The tool is designed to work with both in-person consultations and telehealth appointments. It also offers customization options for doctors to tailor the notes to their specific needs.

Privacy and Data Handling

Nabla is highly conscious of the sensitive nature of medical data. The company does not store audio or medical notes on its servers unless both the doctor and the patient give their consent. The focus is on data processing rather than data storage, ensuring the privacy and security of patient information.

Nabla’s Growth and Future Prospects

With a valuation of $180 million following this funding round, Nabla is poised for significant growth. The company’s AI copilot is already actively used by thousands of doctors, particularly in the U.S., following its rollout across Permanente Medical Group.

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Nabla’s approach to healthcare technology, which emphasizes supporting rather than replacing doctors, positions it as a promising player in the field of medical AI.

Nabla’s recent funding success underscores the growing interest in AI-assisted healthcare solutions. With its innovative AI copilot for doctors, Nabla is set to transform the way medical professionals interact with technology, enhancing their ability to focus on patient care while reducing the burden of administrative tasks.

As the company continues to evolve, it represents a significant step forward in the integration of AI into everyday medical practice.

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