How To Generate Backlinks with ChatGPT
How To Generate Backlinks with ChatGPT
How To Generate Backlinks with ChatGPT

You may have been shocked by seeing the title and it’s a matter of being shocked. Yes, you heard it right, With the AI Chatbot ChatGPT you can generate quality organic backlinks for your website.

Dont know how? Let’s unveil that…!

Creating free tools with ChatGPT and providing it on your website for free increases the potential to get more organic backlinks.

Now im going to explain how you can create a free tool with chatGPT and implement it into your own website for free of cost.

How To Create a Free Tool with ChatGPT

After releasing this tool people are using this for many purposes and creating free tools is one of them.

Many websites have been launched nearly after ChatGPT launched and they are just using the codes provided by this tool and providing free tools on their website.

Many other existing websites have started to provide free tools to the users and it helps them to generate more backlinks. You can also do the same and generate more organic backlinks for your website.

Here is how you can get codes of tools you want from ChatGPT,

  • Head to the tool and write in a prompt “Provide me HTML code for a [The tool you want to make]
  • Now wait some seconds and let the chatbot generate the code for you
  • In the meantime install a plugin on your WordPress website called “WP Coder
  • Now hover over to the plugin and click on the wp coder button (2nd option)
  • Now copy the code ChatGPT provided and paste it into the HTML field of that plugin, then save it to get the shortcode
  • Use that shortcode whenever you need the tool on your website and that’s it..!
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Here is a video tutorial on how you can create a free tool with ChatGPT with the same process I have told here,

So now you can get a clear idea of what steps to follow if you need to create a free tool with ChatGPT and generate more backlinks on your website.

Make sure to stay tuned with us at Ai Makers Blog to get more helpful ChatGPT tutorials and prompts like this.

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