ChatGPT vs Code Llama Which One is Better For Coding
ChatGPT vs Code Llama Which One is Better For Coding
ChatGPT vs Code Llama

The AI industry got a huge upside when the AI chatbot ChatGPT was released in November 2022. After this tool was released, many companies were born with their own AI tools and many other big companies have made their own AI Tools.

Now Meta has joined this AI war with their Code Llama. This is a tool mainly made for coders and also for people who are trying to learn coding.

ChatGPT can also provide some help with coding. So which one will be better for coders? But before diving into the deep conversation let’s know about the new tool by Meta.

What is Code Llama

Code Llama
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This is a new tool launched by Meta (Owner of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp) whose main goal is to help people with their coding.

In this tool, people can put their requirements and according to that, the tool will provide the code. People can discuss the code with this tool and make it the best.

This is not available to use by going on a domain or website like ChatGPT. You have to download the Code Llama Model to use this AI. You can also use the GitHub repository to access this tool now.

This is an expert version of Llama 2 which is just made for coding discussion. You can discuss code, provide your requirements, and generate codes according to your input. This can be one of the most used AI by the coders but there is nothing to tell now.

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Threads also got a huge hype from the very beginning of its release but after some days the hype has vanished. So there is nothing to predict about this Llama tool either.

What is ChatGPT

This is the name of an AI ChatBot made by an AI Tech Company named OpenAI. This was the tool which has opened the eyes of the world to AI.

This AI chatbot has taken a lead in the whole AI industry. Seeing the success of this tool many other companies are appearing with their own AI tool.

ChatGPT can help people by providing the answers they want. This tool has a massive database of knowledge but till September 2021. So getting the latest information from ChatGPT is not possible.

This tool can help you will creating tools or with your coding and also can provide detailed explanations of any text format thing you ask.

Now the main battle between these two tools ChatGPT vs. Code Llama, started soon after Meta released their tool. Now I’m going to talk a little bit on this topic.

ChatGPT vs. Code Llama

This is a very tough decision to make one of these tool winners. Both of these tools can help the beginner or advanced coders learn to code or do their coding job.

But here is the thing which is running in my mind. ChatGPT can be called an all-rounder tool that can generate text-based content and also can provide coding help.

Code Llama is specifically made to discuss codes and help beginner or advanced coders. As told by Meta the accuracy of this tool is higher than ChatGPT (GPT – 3,4).

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Because of this accuracy and some other factors (HumanEval and Multilingual HumanEval), the Code Llama is looking far better for the coders. But the perfect result will be felt by yourself while you try both of these tools.

So I advise you to try these tools and then make a decision on ChatGPT vs. Code Llama.

You can access ChatGPT from OpenAI’s website and if you want to access Llama by Meta then you can see how to use Code Llama which is shown on our website.


Who Developed Code Llama?

A single person is not the developer of this tool, this tool has been made by the tech company Meta.

Is Code Llama Free To Use?

Yes, Llama is a free tool for commercial use and research.

What is The Full Form of the Llama?

Large Language Model Meta AI is the full form of Llama. This was released by the most famous company Meta while February month was starting of 2023.

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