Does ChatGPT Content Ranks on Google
Does ChatGPT Content Ranks on Google
Does ChatGPT Content Rank on Google

After ChatGPT has been released the most asked question is does ChatGPT content rank on Google search engine?

So to find the right answer I started a website with full AI content and I have found the right answer now.

Below I will share the final result so make sure to read till the end. But before going directly to the result you need to know something about AI content then you can make the right decision.

Does ChatGPT Content Ranks on Google?

The answer to this question depends on some factors. There is no direct answer, in some cases the AI-written content ranks, and in other cases, they just waste the storage of a website hosting.

The first thing I will advise you is not to use fully AI-written content on your website. Because AI doesn’t have its own brain to think, it lacks personalization as well as creativity.

AI content writing tools have some same patterns that can be identified easily so make sure you edit the generated content properly and add your own experience, expertise, and creativity.

If the content provides value to the users then that article will rank on Google even if it has been generated with an AI tool. If you write a full article by yourself but that doesn’t provide much help to the users then this is not going to work.

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Google’s recently talked about AI content generation and on that blog the main thing they tried to say was,

If the Content has the quality to help the users then it doesn’t matter if it is AI-generated or Human Writer content.

So now it’s clear that you don’t have to focus on how you create the content, you have to focus on is the content is good enough for the users or not.

So you should focus on creating quality content and providing the most value to your users.

AI Written Content Ranks on Google?


Now I’m going to share the result of my own experiment on AI content. To check if the automatically created content ranks or not I created a new website where I was just posting articles that I created with ChatGPT.

At first, I was getting good results, one of my articles was ranking on Google. But to rank on Google I have done some steps before posting AI-generated content.

  • Proper Keyword Research (Found as low competitive keywords as I can)
  • Research about that topic on the internet and gather all the information together
  • Then I simply pasted all the information to ChatGPT’s GPT-3 model and told him to write content
  • Then I got a decent article from ChatGPT and I have made some edits with my knowledge

Seeing that success I was a little motivated but at the same time I was not giving that effort to other articles as the effort I put into that article I was ranking.

Then I just randomly generated content and posted it on that website which brought the website to the bottom and now I’m not getting any results from that AI website.

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Final Result / Things You Should Do To Rank With AI Content

You can rank on Google with AI content but you need to follow some steps. So below I’m going to share those steps one by one,

Keyword Research

You have to do proper research to find the right keyword for your site. Make sure that the keyword doesn’t have much competition but people are searching for it. If Google doesn’t have enough content for that topic, your well-written & optimized AI content can rank.

Edit Content Properly

Before publishing the content you generated from ChatGPT or other AI content generator tools, you need to proofread it. You have to edit and add more creativity and personal touch to the content.

Because AI doesn’t have any creativity as well as a personal touch that you have. So fully AI-written content may not rank but if you mix your own creativity, and experience with the AI’s knowledge then you can create some effective content that may rank on Google.

Add Visuals & Resources

You have to provide value to the users in case you want to rank on Google. So make sure you add more visuals to make your content richer and more helpful. Also, provide people what other websites don’t provide or others are taking money to give that.


Does Google reject ChatGPT content?

No, Google always accepts quality articles that provide value to the users or solve the problems of the users. If the content is good enough to solve what people need, then it doesn’t matter if that is generated with ChatGPT or not.

Can I get AdSense approval with ChatGPT content?

Yes, you can get Adsense approval with the content you created from ChatGPT.

Can Google Detect ChatGPT Content?

The answer to this question is not specified yet.

Can I use ChatGPT content on my website?

Yes, you can but make sure you edit the generated content with your own creativity and experience. Also, add more visuals and resources.

Hope you understand what I have said above. If you want to know much more about this topic, make sure to stay with AI Makers Blog. More helpful AI experiment results are coming soon.

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